This page provides Links to people with whom I have jointly written, researched or published. It is an expression of my gratitude for their collaboration. This has largely determined a major part of what I have been able to contribute to over the years. Research and writing are usually best done in teams

The first systematic recognition of my Collaborators was summarised in a document created specifically to record and thank all the many people I had collaborated at the ARRB over the 17 years I was there. I have subsequently added as many of the others as I have been able, updated as the opportunity arises.

Collaborators: The most recent known appropriate URLs have been attached

Dr Stephen Abrams, Director of the Parapsychology Laboratory [Unit of Biometry, Keble Rd. Oxford] University of Oxford [Died 20 Nov 2013]

     -     Steve was extremely colourful character, but his Wikipedia entry selectively discusses his efforts to get marijuana legalised (an effort that now in 2013 looks much more reasonable of course, after the positive experiences of several European countries in decriminalisation). My own interaction with him is summarised in this extract from one of his Reports at Oxford. He had invited the then chief critic of parapsychology of the time (Prof Mark Hansel, U Manchester) to come and participate and critique an experiment directly. I was part of that experiment.

- More amusing was the hiring by the CIA to do a report for them on parapsychology (Project MKULTRA). many of us were aware of this for decades, but only recently has the CIA officer, Kress, publicly described his work commissioning this work at the CIA.

Julian Allen, University of Westminster, London, UK

Dr David Andreassen, ARRB Tr, Nunawading, Victoria, Australia  

Professor Kay Axhausen, IVT, ETH, Zurich Switzerland

James Bamford, Halcrows, London, UK  

Professor Mike Bell, Imperial College, London, UK  

Dr R Bell, AERE Harwell, Didcot, Berks, UK     

Michel Benjamins, Demis BV, Delft, The Netherlands

T W P Brogden, AERE Harwell, Didcot, Berks, UK  

Dr Darryl Bowyer, IMIS, Melbourne, Australia  

Professor Mike Browne, University of Westminster, London, UK

Dr Jeremy Broughton, TRL, Crowthorne, UK

Paris Brunton, TRC, RMIT, Melbourne Australia

Peter Burge, RAND Europe,  Cambridge, UK

Dr Jack Butterworth, AERE Harwell, Didcot, Berks, UK    

Dr Peter Cairney, ARRB Tr, Nunawading, Victoria, Australia  

Andrew Carter, FORS,  Melbourne, Australia

Dr Roger Clarke, XamaX, Canberra ACT, Australia

Dr Mike Collop, Transport for London, UK

Dr Michael Cullinan, Deakin University, Wauern Ponds, Victoria, Australia

Professor Carey Curtis, Curtin University, Western Australia

John Dods, ARRB Tr, Nunawading, Australia

Dr Rick Donnelly, PBConsult, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Paul Drain, Operational Dynamics, Melbourne, Australia

Associate Professor Colin Duffield, University of Melbourne, Australia

Peter Dumble, ARRB Tr, Nunawading, Australia

Andrew Edgar, ARRB Tr, Nunawading, Australia

Tim Falkiner, Victorian Department of Planning, Melbourne, Australia

Martin Foulkes, GLC, London, UK  

James Fox, RAND Europe,  Cambridge, UK

Philip Freiden, Fliptronics, Sunnyvale, California USA

John Fryer, GLC, London, UK  

Trevor Fuller, FDF Management, Melbourne, Australia

Steve Golding, Ports Corporation, Queensland, Australia     

Poul Grashoff, Demis BV, Delft, The Netherlands

Ron Groenhout, Syneca Consulting, Sydney, Australia

Professor Margaret Grieco, TRi, Edinburgh Napier University and Institute for African Development, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

Lazlo Gyenes, TRL, Crowthorne, UK  

Professor Roger Hadgraft, RMIT University, Australia

Derek Halden, DHS,Edinburgh, Scotland

Althea Hayton, St Albans, Herts, UK

Associate Professor Kim Hassall, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr Samantha Holland, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Brian Hasell, Hasell Consulting Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand  

Professor David  Hensher, ITLS, University of Sydney, Australia

Professor Julian Hine, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Midge Ingleton, TRRL, Crowthorne, UK  

Dr Neil Jarvis, JET Torus, Culham, UK  

Dr Steve Jenkins, Photometric Solutions International, Huntingdale, Victoria, Australia

Jack Kenyon, Department of Main Roads, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  

Professor Jon Kerridge, SoC, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

Dr Robert Kukla, SoC, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

Professor Ailsa Land, LSE, London, UK  

Gwenda Langford, Mt Camel Ridge Winery, Heathcote, Victoria , Australia

Dr Crystal Legacy, University of Melbourne, Australia

Hans Heinrik Lindboe, Ea-Energy Analyses, Copenhagen, Denmark

Professor Nicholas Low , GAMUT, ABP, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr James Luk, ARRB Tr, Nunawading, Australia

I Putu Mandiartha <>

Alex Makarov, ARRB, Nunawading, Victoria, Australia  

Dr Alan March, Architecture Building and Planning (ABP), The University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr Phillip Martin, CNRS, Grenoble, France    

Frank McGinley, DoT, Victoria, Australia

Craig McPherson, SKM, Melbourne, Australia

Frank Milthorpe, Bureau of Transport Statistics, DoT NSW, Sydney, Australia

Dr Jenny Morris, DoT, Victoria, Australia

Dr John Murchland, London Business School, UK  

Hugh Neffendorf, Katalysis, UK

Professor Ken Ogden, Monash University, Victoria, Australia

Associate Professor Doina Olaru, University of Western Australia.

Dr Darryn Patterson, Boston Consulting Group, NY, USA

Neil Paulley, TRL, Crowthorne, UK

J Painuly, Risoe Centre, Technical University of Denmark

Associate Professor Jim Peterson, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria Australia

Adam Pekol, APA, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Professor Steven Phelan, Rowan University, New Jersey, USA

Professor John Polak, Imperial College, London, UK

John Orchard-Webb, Exeter University, UK  

Dr Howard Quinlan, Australia

Tim Raimond, Bureau of Transport Statistics, DoT NSW, Sydney, Australia

Dr Bill Rawlinson, ARRB, Nunawading, Victoria,Australia

Elizabeth Richards, ARRB, Nunawading, Victoria, Australia  

Juliet Revill, Julita Welsh Springer Kennels, Maldon, Essex, UK

Professor Tony Richardson, TUTI, Victoria, Australia

Professor John Riley, LaTrobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia  

Charlene Rohr, RAND Europe,  Cambridge, UK

Nigel Rockliffe, Economic Outcomes, Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Dr Basil Rose, AERE Harwell, Didcot, Berks, UK    

Professor Bill Russell, GAMUT, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr John Scanlon, AERE Harwell, Didcot, Berks, UK    

Dr Nariida Smith, GHD, Sydney, Australia

Professor Stephen Stradling, TRi, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

Sophie Sturup, GAMUT, University of Melbourne, Australia

Patrick Sunter, VPAC , GAMUT, and Monash University, Melbourne Australia  

Harry Souter, BTE, Canberra, Australia  

Dr Frank Southworth, Georgia Tech and ORNL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA

Professor Michael Taylor, University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia

Professor Lori Tavasszy, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Dr Russell Thompson, Monash University, Clayton, Australia

Thorolf Thoresen, ARRB Tr, Nunawading, Victoria, Australia

Barry Tritt, ARRB, Nunawading, Victoria, Australia  

Emeritus Professor Rod Troutbeck, QUT, Brisbane, Australia

Dr Dimitri Tsolakis, ARRB Tr, Nunawading, Victoria, Australia

Dr  Lee Tzu-Chang, CTS Imperial College London, UK

Mark Velody, Romania

Armi Vilkman, Intelligent Transport Systems, VTT, Finland

David Walmsley, TRL, Crowthorne, UK  

Emeritus Professor Mike Webber, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr Vernon Webster, TRL, Crowthorne, UK  

Jesper Werling, Ea-Energy Analyses, Copenhagen, Denmark

Andrew Westlake, Survey and Statistical Computing, France

Dr Ian Williams, WSP, Cambridge, UK

Lindsay Whitehead, Project Management Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  

Ted Wood, AERE Harwell, Didcot, Berks, UK    

Professor William Young, Monash University, Australia