Parliaments and Ministers

House of Representatives of the Australian Federal Parliament Standing Committee on Road Safety

Expert Advisor to two Parliaments (The 30th and the 31st) on Bicycle and Motorcycle Safety.     Report ISSN 0 642 03678 0. AGPS, Canberra 1978

     -     Major emergent contributions included a consultative committee including motorcyclists by the FORS (Federal Office of Road Safety), focussed remediation of helmet (motorcycle and bicycle) and visor problems and credibility with a reinvigorated Standards Committee, addressing motorcycle instability problems with accessories, and the promotion of linked and antilock braking systems.  Promotion of Copenhagen lanes for bicycles and development of child bicycle rider training

     -     Many of the explicit and implicit conclusions subsequently found their way into action.  

Advisory roles to Victorian State Ministers of Transport

Technical Member: Minister of Transport’s State Bicycle Committee

- Major contribution: initiation of the research program and engagement in Standards activities, establishment of bicycles as transport and substantiation of road roughness compliance by road and transport authorities (papers available)

Independent Research Member: Minister of Transport’s Motorcycle Advisory Council

- Major contribution: establishment of motorcycles as transport and placement into the full transport planning context, creation of the first traffic engineering notes for motorcycles. Role to give professional and independent research input and review

Submissions to Parliamentary And Governmental  Inquiries

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Improving Safety for Older Road Users   Victorian Parliament

108 Dr M.R. Wigan, Melbourne 13.3.02

Wigan, M. R. (2013). Cooperative ITS Response to an NTC Consultation Document Closing date 30-1-13. In N. T. Commission (Ed.) (Submission to a consultation on Cooperative ITS proposals put out by the NTC for comment( closing 31-1-13) ed., pp. 4). Melbourne: NTC.

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