Animated RKB Manual

Due to continuing interest in this system into 2016 and onwards, I have set up an animated set of animation comprising the Instruction Manual for the System.

These manual pages were created by Dr Robert Kukla as part of the Napier RKB system built for the ReOrient Framework 6 Railways project, led by Dr Johanna Ludvigsen of ToI Norway. While the project was generally successful and led to follow up work, the EU Project Officer, Dr Schlickmann, devoted most of the EU commentary at the final public results presentation meeting in Brussels  to the Napier RKB as a major innovation asset, and laster succeeded in finding funding for a limited version of it within a later Toi project (implemented by Poul Grashoff, having been unable to take it on within the EC at the close of the ReOrient, although it was used from the start by the FP7 ETISplus project for some additional years..

Each segment was a Camtasia animation, activated by an html web link. To make these available on the web, the whole set has been converted to Quicktime Movies using MacOsX Viola. These examples are of course not a complete set, but suffice to give a reasonable feel for the system in conjunction with the published papers They were created by Dr Robert Kukla, now (2016) a Senior Research fellow at Edinburgh Napier University, and Dr Alan Cannon a current (2016) Research Fellow - whose Scottish accent is evident in several of the voiceovers.

Updated on 3 January 2016