The Amiga 1000 started life as a multitasking developer machine- but quickly transited into a games machine due to its excellent graphics and display handling capacities. The 68k family was not widely used in this way at the time, and was seized upon by many.

The Cambridge Tripos operating system was used by Tim King to create the EXEC for the Amiga, giving is BCPL and multitasking in an elegant and economical manner.

Previously (See SAGE pages) the entire Tripos system had been ported to the Sage/Stride systems, complete with Reduce( the mathematical system implemented in Lisp).

This path was not followed for the Amiga, but the enhancement of the basic Amiga 1000 Motorola 60000 with a 68020/68881 FPU , static memory and support by Absoft with a tailored Fortran 77 compiler was created by CSA in a bus extension bus box mainly for scientific number crunching applications

CSA TurboAmiga Bus Extension

The bus system, 240/110 power supply, the Absoft Fortran 77 software and the technical release by CSA.

Updated on 21 July 2015