DigiComp Astrology MicroSystem

A small group of Cornell engineers started up a company in Ithaca, New York, close to Ithaca Intersystems, with whom they later relied upon for the mainframes and many of the computer boards in their later systems. The first system was designed to address the then booming astrology market, and like any good engineer, they reworked all the calculations on which the astrologers depended...and found a few errors, and corrected these in their computational firmware. The driving force within DigiComp was David Lewis, who was interested in the subject and its culture.

The system in my collection was used by Doris Greaves, at the time I was advised that she one of the best regarded Australian astrologers. When he died her daughter took it back to the US.

One of my PhD students at the University of Melbourne (now Dr) Rick Donelly) was kind enough to bring the two boxes back with him on one of his regular visits to Melbourne for consultations and supervisory assistance.

The two boxes(see pictures) were the computer (a Z80 based microsystem with dedicated astrology firmware) and a dedicated dot matrix printer.

One frequently hears odd or striking stories about astrology, and I had one myself at DigiComp when I visited them in the early 1980s to set up imports of the their Pascal Microengine powered S100-based systems (this is described in a separate page in this WebSite)

Updated on 23 July 2015