Substantive Posts

Senior Consultant, Demis BV, Delft, The Netherlands

Partner, GAMUT, Volvo (VREF) Centre of Excellence in the Governance and Management of Transport, University of Melbourne

Professor of Transport and of Computer Systems, Transport Research Institute, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland UK

Visiting Professor of Management, Institute for Transport Studies, Graduate School of Business, University of Sydney

Head, Department of Computing and Quantitative Methods, Victoria College and on to Deakin University

Chief Scientist, Australian Road Research Board, Melbourne  

SERC Senior Fellow, Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK

The Principal Planner for Freight, Greater London Council, London UK

Principal Scientific Officer, Transport and Road Research Laboratory, Crowthorne UK

Attached Staff: AERE (Atomic Energy Research Establishment) Harwell

Operational Research Scientist, Field Investigations Group, National Coal Board UK

Professional Associations

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Inteiiigence USA (AAAI: Member)

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM: Member)

Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI: Member)

British Computer Society (BCS: Member)

Institution of Engineers Australia (Fellow)

Operational Research Society UK (ORS: Member)

Operational Research Society of America (ORSA: Member)

International Association of Privacy Professionals (IPPP: Member)

World Futures Association (USA: Member)

FAITPM  Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Fellow)

Professional Accreditations

Chartered Engineer (UK)

Chartered Professional Engineer (Aus) (and NPER-3 In Transport Engineering)

Chartered Information Technology Practitioner (UK)

Myers Briggs Administrator (Australian Psychologists Press)

Proper Authority Holder for MacIntosh Financial Planning (Aus)

Eur-Ing  FEANI Registered Engineer for Transportation Engineering (EU)

Educational Awards

State Scholarship in Mathematics: Ministry of Education UK

(400 Awarded Nationwide over all subjects : 5 Distinctions A and S, (the 90 in Pure Maths (S)=100% see )

Major Scholar in Physics, Hertford College Oxford

(Awarded for securing 1st Class Honours in Mathematics and Physics Honor Moderations examinations at the end of First year)

Previous Community Posts

Patron, Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria

Board Member, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

Vice President Electronic Frontiers Australia

Some Previous Conference Organising Committees

NB only those from 2013 on

IEEE ISTAS 2013 Toronto June 27-29 (following similar program committee service for 2012 (Singapore) and 2011 (Wollongong)

ACM Web Science 2013 Paris France 2-4 May

IEEE Smart Cities initiative First International Conference Organising Committee

Chair of the Smart Citizens Track: First IEEE Smart Cities Conference ISC2: Guadalajara Mexico 25-8 October 2015

Updated on 24th May 2016