Updated on 20 June 2015

Front and rear view of the main S100 card cage box

This Dual two box system included a Cipher fullsize magnetic mainframe style reel to reel computer tape drive (set up for 3600bpi and used for tar backups) with an S-100 controller card. When tested it worked perfectly- but the second time the usual issue with such old systems occurred -  and a capacitor blew somewhere. This is an early TAFE exercise task to get going in the upcoming computer museum.

Rear view of second box, with the hard disc, and with the array of serial ports for terminals: this system ran Berkeley 4.2 Unix with a 68000 cpu

Front and rear view of the Cipher full sized magnet tape drive.

This particular system ran the first Hobart Bridge, well before the bridge was damaged and rebuilt. Dual was designed for what was then heavy duty business computing applications. I also have a brand new S100 (see top pair of pictures) box and a spare power supply: this system is remarkable for its age.