Some Previous Honorary Tasks

Australian Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

Imperial College London

Institution of Engineers Australia

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Monash University

Victorian Committee: GIS in Schools Coordinator

     -     Major contribution: Re-establishment, promotion securing sponsorship for, and the operation of the GIS for Schools Competition in Victoria

Visiting Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Chair: Small Business TaskForce

Invited Seminar on transport modelling extended to traffic management (1973) led to an invitation to join as a Fellow, but overtaken by my GLC appointment before it could be enacted)

Senior Honorary Fellow: School of Geography and Environmental Science

Honorary Fellow: Department of Civil Engineering

PhD Supervisor on Engineering education for Roger Hadgraft

Visiting Lecturer in Transport Policy

     -     which led to the Monash Millennium public Lecture series as part of the course after a decade of its success as the capstone unit of the Monash Transport Masters, under pressure from the advisory Committee: this course and this final format is probably  of the most successful community transfer educational processes i have ever given): the course itself was evaluated several times and was reported to have saved several years in career progression by many of the participants: it was later emulated at the University of Sydney and University of South Australia, who are still in 2015 using the book from the first cycle of the Millennium Lectures (Ogden, K W, Wigan, M R and Russell, W 1994,

Transport Policies for the New Millennium, Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University))

NorthWestern University

invited Seminar on Knowledge networking and Communications to Civil Engineering and the Kellogg School of Management

University of Melbourne

Expert Advisor to PVC Prof Poole: Setting up the AV Centre

Visiting Lecturer in Computer Science (Expert Systems)

Visiting Lecturer: School of Enterprise, on Logistics and on ITS

Visiting Lecturer in Environmental Evaluation and Standards

CSIRAC 40th Anniversary: The role of voluntary organisations in curation

Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

PhD Supervisor for Dr Rick Donelley, Senior Vp, Parsons Brinkerhoff, USA

PhD supervisor for Patrick Sunter in GAMUT (continuing until his graduation)

Honorary Professorial Fellow in the Infrastructure Engineering Department

Honorary Professorial Fellow, Logistics and Transport, Melbourne University Private

Honorary Professorial Fellow, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI), University of Melbourne, Australia

Honorary Fellow in the eScholarship Research Centre

Swinburne University

Expert Advisor: to John Bird: Centre for Animation on introduction of CDRoms and Broadcast Video

Visiting Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Centre for Computer Ethics: Conversatsione on data ethics

Centre for Computer Ethics: Ethics in the software curriculum symposium

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Information and Communications Technology

Adjunct Professor, Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University

TU Delft

Brought to the Netherlands for seminar visit on addressing the gaps between Public and Private approaches to logistics modelling and its practical application; worked on experimental ontology development for logistics.

Victoria University

University of Wollongong,

Updated on 21 Februry 2020

Visiting Lecturer in Organisational Psychology

Business Ethics Centre: Valuing Business Ethics

Honorary Professorial Fellow ICT