Some of the many different Sage/Stride Operating Systems

Little known but of great significance, is LispKitLisp, created by the Oxford University Programming research group under Professor Tony Hoare.It was hosted on a Sage, and the manuals and operating system are held as part of my collection, The source code forms Volume 2 of the manuals. Tim Saunders of PRG wrote the first known provable program, proved in advance, on this system as a driver for the Sander Media variomatrix printer: it ran first time

From avery different world, but still written targeted at p-code, the BOS business Operating System was implemented in MicroCobol in a p-code targeted version that ran very fast, supporting the full 6 terminals of a Sage IV with ease. unfortunately no floppy discs of this Operating System have yet proved to be located or even in existence. Only the manual is held in my collection, from a Sage that ran a business for many years.

Another orphan UK based Operating System is the multiuser Mirage, networking via the GPIB Bus and hosting MicroAPL, it supported networking via the Sage GPIB-bus and enjoyed a considerable reputation.The extension to allow multi terminal APL access was also written by MicroAP l(MITS). Discs fr MITS, MIrage and MicroAPL.68000 are now held

(Further interesting operating systems, many on Sage/Strides, will be added shortly)

Updated on 20 November 2018